someday we can start again

{someday soon.}

hello world, hope you're listening
Hey guys! This is me, I'm Dani, we should be friends. I'm from the US but I desperately want to be in England. Like, forever. I am in love with Arthurian legend and pretty much most poets pre-1850. Except for W.H. Auden, I love him. A lot. I spend a lot of my time listening to music, watching movies/tv, and writing. I'll be going to London in the fall to start uni and I'm really super excited. :)
Now lets see. I have mad curly hair that gets in my way all the time and it never behaves. I'm not very tall and I've accepted that, I want knee high boots like no other, and I hate my glasses. I just got my nose pierced though, so I'm happy! If you want to know more about me, friend me, introduce yourself!
Dani out.